Things to Know before Choosing Poker as your Profession

If you are good at playing poker and want to leave your current job to make poker as your profession, then you should think about it twice. Remember, that poker is a very demanding job that is not for everyone. Make sure you know everything about this game such as the amount of profit or the risk includes in poker. So, here we will help you to know every pros and cons about poker.

3 positive sides of poker:

  • Mental satisfaction:

This is the main thing that affects on your career to doing something that you love. Being able to turn something that you love in to your profession gives you positive energy and full package of energy to do the work so well. We may have heard so many times professionals to say that they are in this profession to make money. Well, that is obviously true but doing something that you didn’t enjoy is like walking for miles without having any destination. Poker is a very hard and demanding game for those who don’t have the real passion or love for this game. The successful players didn’t play poker because they can’t achieve success on other fields, they play because they are fascinated by the typical complexities of the game.

  • Freedom to do whatever:

Being able to set your goals at any profession need to be totally focused through this profession. Of course you have to give your full effort on this game but ultimately you will have the freedom to play as you feel comfortable because it will totally be up to you. Having freedom and flexibility to do your own work allows you to live the life as you want.

  • Potentiality to earn:

If you have learned the exact ways of playing poker in the right way, it will surely take you to the way to earn lot of money. In this few years this industry has improved the rewards and profits of playing online poker at situs judi online.

Online live poker games are becoming so much popular in this days due to extra source of income. So, it is proved to be helpful for many people but it also includes some cons or downsides.

Some downsides of professional poker life:

  • Financially variance:

The game includes the risk of losing a huge amount of bank balance and you have to give every proper information about your bank account. You should know that if you are considering being a professional poker player then you should be prepared for a downswings of your bank balance by being enough financially insulated to survive the situation. It can destroy your potentiality to play the game.

  • Difficulties of identifying own win rate:.

If you are a good poker player, then it is very important to understand your own win-rate. If you are unable to count your win-rate, then you will surely have to face the biggest downswings. Understand the variance between two players of 2bb/100 win-rate with that of 5bb/100 win-rate.

We hope that now your idea is clear about what profit and risks are included with pokee game. If you are still unsure, then don’t need to take your decision in hurry. Take your time and think twice before leaving your current job.

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