The Essence Of Life And The Reason For Existence


It is quite clear that people are meant to be rational when they have to be emotional, emotional when they have to rational, objective when they have to be subjective, and subjective when they have to objective. This sort of behaviour is what makes people what they are. The fact that we have become the masters of our world, or so we think we are and that the people have become so arrogant that they can do whatever they want, forgetting that we are nothing but a tiny spec in the grand scheme of the entire universe as well as the multiverse. People underestimating everything that they encounter from a simple judi poker terpercaya bet and wager to think that they have won without even seeing the results to the fact that the planet is being decimated because of the greed and the corruption of big corporate organizations, there is nothing to be said about this kind of an attitude and behaviour towards what is essentially our only home.

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The Exact Reason People Are People

The main issue in question here is that there needs to be something for the people of the world to exist and if that something comes in the form of judi poker terpercaya then they will gladly take it up without the slightest of hesitation. The reason why people are apprehensive about these things is that there seems to be a set of bilateral rules that we have placed for ourselves in that there is nothing that we can do beyond the confines of these rules and that is perhaps the problem with people today. These rules were in fact made by us and if people who are using it to mislead the innocent and make their gains meet, then the people who want to bring a change to society should also be allowed to do the same.


An eye for an eye may be the only solution to our problems and that everything that we do will become feared and validated from here on out.

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