If you already dedicated a lot of time in online poker rooms and sites, then you are likely familiar of the cybercrimes that became a common issue with online poker players around the world.

No doubt, online poker revolutionises the face of conventional poker by becoming more accessible, convenient, and more advanced when it comes to technology but it comes with a lot of risks as well because over the past years, cybercrimes that target online poker players and online gamblers have increased and it is only a matter of time before cybercriminals such as hackers will gain one step further against the security features of these sites which makes everyone more vulnerable to the threats.

In fact, there are a lot of professional poker players have already showed wariness about the increasing number of cyber crimes that are documented over the past years considering that these pro poker players have a hefty bank accounts which makes them very attractive targets to cybercriminals and it is only a matter of time one them will become the next victim.

However, to counter the threats, the world’s most reputable poker sites have beefed up its security measures by relying on the new technological development in security software where sophisticated encryption programs which are primarily used by most financial institutions and banks are now being used to protect its clients and customers who registered accounts and link their banking accounts to their sites. These sites have already invested huge amounts of money to keep their reputation intact but how about those players who only rely on basic security software programs they downloaded? How secured or protected are they from these malicious programs, hackers and fraudulent activities at the very comfort of their homes?

It is something to think about because it all boils down to your own security measures. However, there is still a lot of ways to fend off cybercriminals from breaching your computer system or your online poker account by following these important security measures to protect yourself while enjoying online poker with the help of our friends from Indonesia’s capsa susun online uang asli.

  • REGULARLY UPDATE YOUR SECURITY SOFTWARE- On a daily basis, viruses, malware and other harmful programs that lurk the internet is continuing to develop to find any signs of weakness in a computer system’s security that is why it is very important to regularly update your computer’s security software to update new virus identification, scan for any malicious cookies or software that suspiciously appeared on your system and other important security measures.
  • KEEP YOUR PASSWORDS STRONG- Making your password a bit complex and hard to figure out is still one of the most essential way to protect your account from hackers. Always remember that hackers are not just good in executing their crimes digitally, sometimes they are very keen on keeping an eye with your account by watching your every move and sometimes these hackers could either be your friend, your colleague, or even your own relative who are tempted to do such crime because of money. Using different keys and making it long and utilizing lower case and upper cases for your password is advisable but you should memorize it.
  • USE AUTHENTICATION METHODS- Security features today often provide you authentication processes in order for you to gain access to your account. Use one or more authentication processes to keep your account secured. Also, use a push notification with your online poker accounts to see if there is any unauthorized log-in.

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