Interesting History of Casinos

As the times are changing, who would have thought that Casinos would gain huge popularity? Now in the modern era, Casinos are not only found in every corner of the city, but its impact is also great on the Internet.  Various online casino websites are developed such as so that the eligible and interested people can enjoy their leisure time doing what they like online. You can visit w88 casino to play some interesting casino games online, sitting anywhere.

But that was not always the case. There was a time when people used to get up, get dressed and go the social clubs, hotels, and restaurants to play casino. The history of Casinos is filled with entertainment. People have been gambling and placing bets on things since the beginning of time.

Some of the most interesting facts about Casinos history are:

  • Playing cards have been a part of Chinese culture since the 9th
  • There was a time in ancient Rome when if you were caught playing betting games, then you will have to pay a penalty four times of the stake of your bet.
  • The casino’s chips were invented by the Romans as gambling was illegal there. The chips prevented them from being arrested as they can get away by saying that they were not playing for money.
  • The Casino game Baccarat dates back to the early 1400s.
  • The first Casino or Gambling house was open in Italy in 1638.
  • The Roulette wheel which is a significant part of modern-day Casino came from Paris.
  • To prevent being caught, people from England hired Dice Swallowers which would swallow dice in case Police came for checking.

Every country nowadays has appointed a legal age for the people to play gambling games. The people who have gambling skills can win various rewards and real money by playing via But other people just play casino games by chance. Luckily, nowadays, playing games have become easier. Now you don’t need to get up from your bed to enjoy casino games. You can use to play various online games and place a bet on sports. You will not only register yourself for more fun but also become a significant member of the online enthusiastic of casinos. In all slot games you will get up to 100% bonus and with the festive season you will also receive amazing promotional offers. So, hurry up and register on

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