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A game played with domino tiles which are in the shape of rectangle,is dominoes. A line divides the face of the rectangular tile into two square ends. The number of spots marked on each end are called as dobs or nips or pips. The back of the dominoes is different in a set, either they have a common design or remain blank. Many kinds of games can be played with dominoes, but the ‘block dominoes’ which serve as basis for most of the others is popular.Related to pai gow, qiu qiu or kiu kiu is a form of dominoes, very popular in Indonesia. It can be played with a set of double six dominoes,that are discarded after a few games as they show signs of wear. domino qiuqiu is a very odd game.

domino qiuqiu

Traditional poker game with dominoes

Bringing together of traditional poker game with dominoes is the game of domino qiuqiu. Players are typically dealt with three domino cards, by paying a fixed ante into the pot which is typically required. Each player may either call or bet or raise or fold after the evaluation of cards. The bettor can take the pot without showing the cards, if there is only one bettor in the first round. Else the rest of the players who did not fold are supposed to dealt with a fourth card, following with second and final round of betting. Both the first and second round betting are subjected to limits.

After the betting of the final round, players who did not fold must explore his cards and declare his hand, where the player with highest hand have the access over the pot or takes the pot. Each pair of pips are summed, when cards are formed into pairs where only the unit’s digit are considered. As a pip total of 23 becomes 3, whereas 19 becomes 9. Highest possible pair here is 9. Hence pairs are compared like that way, where higher is compared first. Some of the features of the game include:

  • Can be played online with thousands of players.
  • Can be able to build your community, through chat and social features.
  • Two room speed options such as fast and normal.
  • Language options.
  • These games are full of entertainment during play. It is really a curious game to learn more and more while losing.

Therefore, it can be concluded as one of the most entertaining game, but it really is quite hard to understand.

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